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Episode 18 - Should I see a Counselor/Finding a Good Counselor

I asked recently on social media, "what topics would you like covered on the podcast?" Several listeners responded "how do I know if I should see a counselor?" and "how can I find a good counselor?" This episode dives into answering both of those questions - with three "gauges" for pursuing counseling, as well as four checklist items for finding a "good" counselor.

How to know if you should see a counselor:

- Issue/situation is impacting daily life (you are spending at least an hour a day thinking/dealing with it)

- You don't feel like your normal, healthy self

- Someone close has recommended counseling to you

How to find a good counselor:

- Start with what your insurance will cover/what payment you can budget

- Skip Google, ask friends or family/local resources

- Make the appointment and go - how do you feel afterwards? Did you feel heard/seen/respected?

- Give it a second chance before deciding if counselor is a good fit

With all of the above info, remember that counseling is so much more than a one-time takes time and commitment to see progress!

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